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We hope that you enjoy this photo gallery. The Noah Parsons House was bought and dismantled from its original location on Old South Street, in Northampton, by antiquities buff Cameron Coe back in 2003. The house was moved in pieces to Canaan, New Hampshire, where he intended to rebuild it. This loss of one of Northampton’s oldest historic houses was controversial and unpopular among local preservationists, leading to the passage of a ‘demolition delay’ law in Northampton. In 2005, Coe sold the house to restoration carpenter John Otis, who moved the parts back to Williamsburg, an old farming community close to Northampton. John rebuilt the house on Village Hill Road over an 8 year period, doing most of the work himself. Village Hill became the original center of town in 1771 and has a number of 18th century houses.

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